Lisa Salazar Lisa is a single Mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past Jan. 18th. She has been a hairstylist for many years and is currently working at Fantastic Sam's in Diamond Bar. Her breast cancer is Stage 1 so the doctors feel confident they caught it in time. She also has an 18 year old son in the hospital so her time is divided between doctor appts, working and visiting her son. Needless to say, Lisa was thrilled when TJF presented her with a check for $2,000.00. In her words "You have no idea how much this will help me at this time. Thank you so much to The Jill Foundation and Thank you to the owner of Fantastic Sam's, Sophie, for everything".

Shasta Segal Please join The Jill Foundation in welcoming our 10th Recipient, Shasta Segal. Shasta is the single mom of Madisyn, a full time hairstylist at The Parlour Off Grand in Escondido, CA and she is the niece of Jill Etzold Kester, whom the TJF was named after. She was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene in August 2016 and made the difficult decision to have a double mastectomy just a couple of weeks ago. TJF was thrilled to present Shasta with a check for $5,000.00. Here in her own words is what Shasta had to say. "You said to write a few words about my experience. It is really hard to put my experience into a few words because my life completely changed once Aunt Jill died. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I've always wanted to be like her my whole life....so in July when they found a lump I didn't freak out about it, thankfully it was nothing and led to me getting genetic testing, ever since I found out I had the BRCA1 mutation my anxiety has gone through the roof. Freaking out that when is it going to hit me, it's not about if I get cancer it's when! And that is so crazy to think! That is why I chose prevention, I'm not going to wait for my boobs to kill me! I want to have the chance to be here for Madisyn as long as I can! I'm her only parent I can't leave her....And be there for her for her testing, she has a 50% chance of having the mutation also."

Sulmara Amezquita The Jill Foundation was so blessed to be able to help our 9th Recipient, Sulmara Amezquita. Sulmara and her friend met with Derek and I and shared her story. She has a recurrence of breast cancer and lost her husband to a heart attack in May of this year. She has been a cosmetologist for over 10 years and loved cutting men’s hair!

Jennifer Ruelas My name is Jennifer and I am a mommy and wife as well as hairdresser of 15 years. I have had a love for the beauty industry since I was a little girl. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was one of the toughest things to swallow. I have always had a passion to help and make people feel good in my chair by bringing out their inner beauty to reflect on the outside. Fighting this cancer has been a challenging road for me. Not having the physical energy to care for my son or do for my husband and still work to take care of clients. Fighting cancer and taking the treatments and still living to thrive is tough, but giving up my authority is much tougher, and I refuse to do that. I am a fighter, I am a survivor and the Jill Foundation has given hairdressers like myself, hope and help to get through rough times so that we can continue to live life to our fullest, with a little less stress over finances. Thank you Jill Foundation for your heart to consider helping a woman like myself in this difficult and challenging time in my life. I would be eternally thankful for your blessings and assistance.

Deborah Barcus Salazar This is Deborah Barcus Salazar. A beautiful woman who lost her battle to breast cancer this past New Years Eve. Debbie was in the beauty industry for 25 years and spent 16 of them at Adianas Salon & Day Spa. Adiana’s has been a participant in The Jill Foundations fundraising events for over three years. The Jill Foundation gifted Debbie’s family with $1,500.00 and offers the family and Adiana’s our deepest condolences.

Cynthia Mitchell I about fell to the floor when i received this. I don’t even have the right words to say how grateful I am and blessed. You have touched my life in unimaginable way. My journey has become easier due to your blessings. Thank you from bottom of my heart and I am forever grateful..God bless,Cynthia. I, Cynthia Mitchell, have been a hairstylist for 27 years and I love what I do. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in June 2015. When you hear those words many thoughts rush in and it’s indescribable. I was unable to work and it was very difficult because I have an 8 year old son. I have a step mom and others that have lived and survived through this. At that moment they became my hope. An angel social worker at Pomona valley hospital found your organization. Miracles happen and she found the “The Jill Foundation” and your team was willing to open their hearts and help me at this very difficult time. People would say unlucky to have cancer but hopefully through my faith and prayers I can give strength to someone. Knowing were not alone and have support is enough to conquer this disease. To make you strong for the fight because you will always wonder if you have to hear diagnosis again. With support like the The Jill Foundation it brings peace and security to make it through…… The Jill Foundation you are true angels from God!!!!

Sylvia Vidal Sylvia Vidal was a strong, happy, positive, lovely mother of two Valente and Joel and wonderful partner. On 2002, she was diagnostic with breast cancer were they perform a mastectomy, chemotherapies and radiation she was in her last year of remission when I first met her. In less than a year of being together the cancer came back on her liver, she was devastated but never once give up; she did every single chemotherapy that was available. We always pray for her cure and even though she was in pain, weak or sick Sylvia never stop working; her career as a hairstylist was for 26 year, her love to do hair her passion to make people beautiful, having two boys that she love very much and not tell them what to do but showing them with her action never to give up of feel sorry because things are perfect or they way we want them to be. She just want them to be happy and be the best they can be for they’re own future. I was bless to shared my life with Sylvia for eleven year we share great moments and found the meaning of true love. I miss her every second of my life but I know she is in heaven and her suffering had stop and now she is looking upon her boys and me. I love her very much and I know we will meet again. She was love by many client that become friends they will travel many mile to see her because she had the light of God in her heart and saw the good in people. She will always be remember and I know her boys are proud of they’re mom, coworkers, clients and friend had nothing but admiration for her. As for me she is the blessing of my life I will love her forever. She work one week before her doctor put her in hospice. She love her job so much. that when the put her on hospice she was asking if after two weeks of resting she could go back to work. Her heart wanted to keep going but her body couldn’t keep up and she had to rest and she did leaving earth with her beautiful smile. She was 52 years old. Thank you for help me, the Jill Foundation contribution will help to have a beautiful celebration of life in Sylvia’s honor. Please feel free to share story you heard from her clients and coworkers on the salon. Also let me know if you have any question. Thank you - Noemi Acuna

Adriana Lopez We would like to introduce our fourth recipient Adriana Lopez. Her story follows. In July 2012 my world came to a sudden halt. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although I’d had a mammogram only a year earlier, I was now faced with the horrible reality of having cancer and what that meant. It was certainly a life altering moment and the journey I embarked on from that day forward has been one of tremendous emotional stress, many ups and downs, uncertainties, turning to my faith and finding the strength to persevere not knowing what the future holds and how I will survive. I am 56 years old. I have been a hairstylist for nearly 40 years. I began my career as a stylist at 17 years of age and have worked in this industry non-stop ever since. I am single, live alone, and support myself. I have supported myself since my husband’s sudden death in 2001. I have managed to successfully maintain my home and financial obligations but now I am faced with a challenge I don’t know I will be able to overcome. I currently rent a station at the Amore Salon located in Laguna Niguel where I have worked for many years. Due to my cancer diagnosis I have had to cut back on my work schedule. I can no longer conceivably keep working at the pace and rate that I have kept for the past several decades. On December 30, 2013 I underwent a partial mastectomy. I had to stop working altogether to recover from the surgery and allow myself to recover and regain my strength. Unfortunately, the results of my first surgery now require that I undergo a second surgery. I am also preparing for a PET scan as cancer was found in my lymph nodes. My second surgery will be on February 25th and I will need to be away from work for another 3-4 weeks. Also following the surgery I will be receiving radiation treatments for a period of 7 weeks. Recovering from that second surgery and undergoing radiation five days a week for seven weeks means that I will be unable to work, and if I don’t work, I am unable to maintain my home. Essentially I am faced with a financial crisis. I do not have any other source of income. I do not have disability insurance nor children or family members that can support me. I am facing both a financial and health crisis. I consider myself very fortunate to have learned about your foundation and the resources it provides to hairstylists in crisis. With sincere gratitude and appreciation, Adriana.

Bonni Bailey It was an honor to present our 3rd recipient, Bonni Bailey with a check from The Jill Foundation! Here is what she had to say……. About 12 or 13 years ago I went to a class in Pasadena about hair loss. I met some really nice hairdressers who all worked together from Artistic Hair in Orange. I also worked in Orange near them. They invited me to lunch. Little did I know that many years later some of these folks would impact my life. My name is Bonni Bailey and I started doing hair in 1968. It was just for fun until I decided what I would do in life. I tried other things but hair never seemed like a job. It always was fun and ever changing. Hairdressers typically don’t have benefits, at least the ones that ordinary jobs afford. Yes, we can set our own hours and such but as for the medical coverage and medical leave we are on our own. So here I am at 65 years old and diagnosed with breast cancer and pre-cancer in my uterus. Being single and living with my beloved Tibetan Mastiff, Royce and our two kitties, Frankie and Gabby, means we are on our own. The Jill foundation is a Godsend for us. How did I hear about it? Those folks I had lunch with all those years ago are part of it. My friend Peggy told me I should apply for it. Peggy and I work together now and she was one of the girls I met that day in Pasadena. I never met Jill, but she sure did a wonderful thing by wanting this foundation to exist. As for me, I will be forever grateful for their help. I am trusting in the Lord and taking one day at a time. Thank you Barbara and all the hairdressers who have contributed and care. Thank you again & blessings.

Lola Riker We would like to introduce our second Jill Foundation recipient. Her name is Lola Riker and she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on January 8, 2013. She is 37 years young and newly married to Brent Riker, who is a wonderful man. They are both unemployed due to her illness. He is Lola’s caregiver and they both fight this battle together. Her husband takes care of her while she is currently undergoing chemotherapy infusions. Her bilateral surgery will be scheduled for June 2013 and she will be completely out of commission then. After surgery she will have 15 more infusions of chemotherapy and radiation. Lola extends her thanks to The Jill Foundation for helping her with this uphill battle with cancer.

Elisa Griego We are honored to tell you all that we have our first recipient for The Jill Foundation. Her name is Elisa Griego and she is a local hairstylist. She was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and has 2 daughters, Gabriela, 12 and Angelina, 9. She is in the process of chemotherapy and her surgery is scheduled for this month. The Jill Foundation will be presenting her with a check at her salon on Thursday, October 4, 2012. This is truly what we have all been working towards. We will video record the presentation and share it on our Facebook page. The photo above is of Elisa & her daughters.

If you would like to help these women, as well as other local hairstylists that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please click below to donate.